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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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rebecca cooper has a reaction from the report. >> manufacturing payrolls were sinceghest we have seen 2009. not mean everyone is back to work. while the economy is improving, the pace of the recovery remains slow. during -- president obama at about the outlook for jobs. >> more companies are bringing back and investing in america. manufacturing is adding jobs for the first time since the 1990's. despite the 227,000 jobs added, overall, unemployment s steady at april 3%. experts say even that included good news. half a million americans who had up have now re-entered the job market. manufacturing and professional were to sectors adding new employees.
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many younger americans say they see a new reason for optimism, face lessey opportunity than previous graduates. >> i am feeling more optimistic. i think you have to take that extra effort. >> the pace of job growth still signal a fullw to recovery. many laid off during the recession say it remains difficult finding full-time work. >> i am still looking, i am still hoping. by prospects have been very slim. >> experts cautioned the wages those with jobs has not been rising fast enough. there are still millions underemployed, people who have want full-obs, but time employment. >> we have much more information on the february jobs report for
6:02 pm countyprince george's hascilman leslie johnson begun her prison sentence. johnson reported to the federal prison for women in west virginia today. year and al serve a role in a federal scheme.on she will be eligible for early release in 10 months. husband is serving a seven- year prison sentence for his role in the same corruption scheme. f virginiasident o tech defense his actions during the 2007 mass shootings. he took the stand today during a death trial of two virginia tech students. he testified that he believes university acted appropriately. a civil lawsuit claims were tooy officials initialrespond to the campus.s on the 32 people and the gunmen died in the shootings. parents have the
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case. their >> sunday marks one year since by devastating and tsunami. northern japan is one of the areas still being rebuilt. the earthquake spawned a tsunami but the waves -- 30 feet. fears of radioactive contamination from the damaged fukushima nuclear power plant. japanese leaders said they learned many lessons from the crisis. guarantee that accidents will never happen. that ouran say is nuclear power is safer than before and can be even safer. >> nearly 16,000 people were was the fourth largest earthquake in japanese history. new developments tonight in disturbing case in calvert county. police are talking about the infant in then trunk of a car. the discovery was made last frederick.ince
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police have been talking with family members all day. out and about, but all they can talk about. they are horrified by the realizationd the been in the have car for a long time. there are only 15 houses in this e community. people say they get to know each other, but nobody had a clue horrible secret hidden front ofr parked in last trailer on the left. >> it is horrifying. have three kids of my own. my baby is a year old. it is devastating. >> the county sheriff announced be weeks before can know if the decomposed remains are of a stillborn fetus or a newborn child. they believe the mother put it there. a 32-year-old mother of
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three. began a voluntary stay in a health facility. it is believed the fetus or baby was in the trunk of the car at long.that she is now hospitalized and undergoing an emergency psychiatric evaluation. parents have custody of her other kids. neighbors said they saw no sign of trouble. they said the woman and her seemed a happynd family. >> they were quiet. >> everybody knows everybody. it shows you how people are. >> calvert county sheriff says be baked before they make notcision on whether or filed. are he needs a final medical examiner's report. that until expect middle of april. navy's first nuclear-
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powered aircraft carrier is its finalfor deployment. the uss enterprise will sail sunday.folk on this deployment will last seven months. is over, the enterprise decommissioned, deactivated, and used as scrap metal. >> see how prescription drugs diabetes may soon available over the counter. >> we will talk about gasoline prices. americans are calling on the do something about them. >> multiple states up for grabs days. next couple the south has become the new battleground. what is the cost of winning? >> it is cool out there this evening. see another warm up that is heading year.
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the race fore with the white house. republican candidate are on to state this weekend. >> the main focus this weekend e on kansas.b 40 delegates are up for grabs. >> they are spending most of time in kansas.
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but also alabama and mississippi. now, ken mitton romney silence -- tan mitt of hissilence some critics? it must have been a moment mitt romney only wishes he could duplicate. >> look at that. to stomp thems out quickly. a campaign that look like it cost 50 million may now be like 75. mitt romney is asking lawmakers to chip in. supporters admit enthusiasm does easily. >> he may not be mr. personality. dominating in the count, santorum and poised fore possible wynns in kansas, alabama, and mississippi. >> mitt romney is doing his best
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adapt, adding some southern flair. >> the governor said i had to say it's right. >> mounting most of his attacks on president obama. calling it a documentary. i do not think so. >> even the director admitted negatives in the fell. >> the negative for me was there are too many accomplishments. at the numbers show is burning through twice as fast as he brings its end. other candidates are targeting each other. gingrich just released a three- of senator and's perceived missteps. -- rick santorum's perceived missteps. >> at america's largest bank is
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out homeowners. >> we have that a chilly start the weekend. warmer days are ahead. onone capital may be skating thin ice. [ male announcer ] for the saver, and a big first step.
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are watching abc 7 news at 6:00 with gordon peterson, doug hill.nyan, th >> the fda is giving some making topon to availableon drugs over the counter. likely taken for cholesterol, asthma, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. the goal is to get people -- to o thepeople more access t drugs. regulators have met with the to talk about the switch. >> hundreds of thousands of getting some much needed mortgage relief. america announced that
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reduce loans for more than 200,000 homeowners. in some cases, the reduction much as $100,000. the moves help bank of america and reduce the amount of penalties if it goes the government. >> the gallup poll shows 85% of s want president obama immediatess to take on the rising gas prices. 20% said they will make e changes if gas prices over $4 a gallon. the national average is getting at $3.76.hat >> here is your metro weakened alert. work will cause delays on the five metro lines. the oneline will be most affected. shuttle buses will run between circle and van ness. you can expect 20 minutes delays every line but the green
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mind. -- green line. be a very niceto weekend. in other warmup coming our way next week. -- and other warm up coming our week.xt this is arlington, looking across the city. nothing but clear skies. it is going to get chilly tonight. the winds have been gusting. 46 degrees on the boardwalk. the beaches are going to get crowded. t of folks are waiting for the warmer weather. 67 degrees at reagan national airport. around a winds blowing of tree pollen.
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741 is the count. the wins will be able letter tomorrow. -- winds will be a little tomorrow. pittsburgh, 34 in detroit. the coldest air will shift to the east. us tonightill help theuse that will keep temperatures from dropping too far. temperatures are a good 16 than they were this time yesterday. starting to warm up a little thewhen he gets into central plains and midwest. former weather is heading here. -- the warmer weather is heading here. high pressure will move over here tonight and tomorrow. we will have a full day of
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very light winds tomorrow. the temperatures will start to warm up. sunny in the morning, a little bit of a breeze. high temperatures only in the 40's. day, but the sunshine be a nice and warm. sunrise on standard time tomorrow is 6:26. on sunday, we spring forward one hour, and the sun will rise an at 7:25.r a big change just about to occur. there is the reminder. not have to hear any rabout turning you clocks ahead. look at the warming trend, upper monday, 70's on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. how didcc, ll
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they do? did ok. you have to tip your hat to maryland coach mark turgeon. they hoped to do the near northible and beat carolina. 3.ond half, and nails the muscle was too much. 85-69. terps have to wait another year. the virginia cavaliers had a tough day as well. butt had 23 for virginia,
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not enough. critics have waited for a dale hunter'sin command. he did that last night, giving a locker room speech marked with but itlorful language, got the job done. over time, what a work force. his celebration never gets old. i love it. they win it 3-2. >> in that we will find out what hockey team we are. they are tough opponents. they are tough games on the road. you will find your true identity. mike green could be looking at a suspension. he had a disciplinary hearing nhl for the hit against
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tampa. he was already up against the boards. with theess, he met committee today. tuned. i am a fan of soccer. the new names were added to roster of a share. -- this year. the team is ready to kick off campaign tomorrow kansas city. >> our initial goal is to get to the postseason. that, that needs to be our initial goal. once you do that, it is anybody's game. there is a lot of excitement. time to get rolling.
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ipad contest. >> we will do it again. the winner this week will get the newest generation of ipad. head to our facebook page. if you share the contest with facebook friends, you will entry.ra the winner will be announced next friday. k at the take a loo weekend forecast. a lot of sunshine. be a bit cooler tomorrow. very pleasant weekend. if you are an hour behind else, you cannot blame me. given people crazy reminders. check out all the weather at about the northern lights. >> have a great weekend.
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